International Development Indicators: Monitoring and Interpretation for the case of Costa Rica

The Observatorio del Desarrollo (Development Observatory) at the Universidad de Costa Rica is conducting the project, "International development indicators: monitoring and interpretation for the case of Costa Rica", which has the general objective of monitoring the various international development indicators. This monitoring takes place in order to analyze the main causes and implications of variations on those indicators and to identify the main challenges for the development of the country.

The specific objectives of this project include: the identification and analysis of the characteristics of the main indexes and international development indicators currently estimated, the construction of a database of those indicators, the dissemination of the results obtained, and the promotion of discussion forums in order to determine the public policies needed to address the main developmental challenges identified.

It is important to notice that this project is part of the mandates of OdD, specifically because it seeks to facilitate the access to quantitative information, with scientific rigor and political transfer, concerning the development of Costa Rica for decision-making.

This website includes the publications created as part of the project, the most recent data for each index, and the links to the websites of the organizations responsible of each index. Likewise, this website includes announcements about forthcoming activities. Multiple infographics in which the indicators are classified according to their priority are also included.

Latinoamérica y el Caribe según diferentes índices