Constitutional Chamber   

The Constitutional Court resolved an average of 14,795 cases per year. In 2009 19.527 cases were resolved, the highest since 2000. However, it was also the year with the highest number of cases filed, 18,852 in relation to the average of 14,005 cases filed per year.




On average per year in the Legislature 260 bills are presented. During 2002 449 projects were submitted, which it corresponds to the largest number of projects submitted from 2000 to 2013. The number of bills passed varies considerably through the years and varies between 20 laws passed in 2007 and 132 in 2001.




Through the seven offices, the Ombudsman decided in 2012, 24,651 complaints. 35% of cases were resolved in the Central Office, 24% in the office located in the Brunca Region and 17% in the Chorotega.