Technical Advisory Council

According to the Internal Regulation of the Development Observatory Article 8 of the Technical Advisory Board is defined as:

Article 8. Level Policy

8.2 Technical Advisory Council

Members of the Technical Advisory Council shall be appointed by the Vice President for Research, as established by that regulation, proposed by the OdD.

The Technical Advisory Council shall meet regularly once a month and extraordinarily when convened by the Vice President for Research or the Director. It will be the highest decision-making body ODD for general policies.

It will comprise:

  • A representative from the office of Investigation.
  • A representative OdD researchers.
  • A representative of regional headquarters.

The representatives referred to above shall be appointed for a period of four years. Also, they are members of the Technical Advisory Board.

  • The directors of the following institutes:
  • Social Research
  • Economic Sciences
  • Legal Research
  • Agricultural Research
  • The Director of the School of Statistics
  • And OdD director, who chairs.

It belongs:

  • Ordinarily meet at least once a month.
  • Approve plans of work submitted by the Director
  • Know and approve annual work report of the Director
  • And approve new programs and research activities are incorporated into OdD and give approval.
  • And approve the annual budget
  • Draw up an annual work and accountable to the Vice-Rector of Research.
  • Follow up on the evaluation of activities conducted

CTA members currently are:

  • PhD Felipe Montoya Greenheck. Director of Development Observatory.
  • Agustin Gomez, Representative Researchers Development Observatory
  • Dra. Jacqueline Garcia, Director Institute for Research in Education
  • Dr. Rolando Perez, Representative Research Vice Presidency
  • Dr. Fernando Ramirez, Director School of Statistics
  • Dr. Victor Jimenez, Agricultural Research Institute
  • Dr. Jorge Jimenez, Director Legal Research Institute
  • M.Sc. Max Soto Jimenez, Director Economics Research Institute
  • M.Sc. Alfaro eyleen Representative Regional Headquarters
  • Dra. Carmen Caamaño, Director Social Research Institute